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Hey everyone! I thought I had made this announcement over a month ago but I guess Mom brain attacks!! Im so sorry!! So.... #spoileralert I HAVE MOVED!! You can now find all my posts along with new ones over at Showered with Grace You can also connect with me on Facebook book HERE and Instagram… Continue reading I HAVE MOVED!!!


He lifted me out of the slimy pit….

Lord where are you? You were just here and now I can feel you. Are you speaking? I can't hear you! Where you there? Where you just saying something? I thought I heard you but now I don't know......   This past weekend was not an easy one. I felt attacked and I felt responsible… Continue reading He lifted me out of the slimy pit….


Is God Calling You to Move On?

God calling you to moving on from something can be as or more scary than Him calling you too something. When you are called towards something society tells you you are brave or in some instances crazy lol but ultimately forging ahead in the name of the Lord is considered a good thing. On the… Continue reading Is God Calling You to Move On?


Interruptions from the eyes of a child.

I'm taking one small break from my weekly Fervent posts. My study buddy went on vacation and I guess you can say I did too lol! It does however give me a chance to share something that my son so sweetly taught me a few weeks ago. (If you want to take a look at… Continue reading Interruptions from the eyes of a child.