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Who is in control? God or your emotions?

How often do we let those God given emotions control us instead of letting God Himself have the control? 

Who is in Control- God or your emotions-.png

God created us with the ability to fear but did not give us a spirit of fear.  2 Timothy 1:7 tells us He DID give us a spirit of power, love and a good mind. God created us with emotions, the action of feeling each one of them is how were designed.

Add hea For God did not give us a spirit of fear. He gave us a spirit of power and of love and of a good mind.ding.png

When we become rooted in the things we do instead of Christ and who we are in him, change becomes FRIGHTENING.

When we become rooted in the things we do instead of Christ and who we are in him, change becomes FRIGHTENING.

I dont mean scary but your feet still move, no I mean frozen in place while the world passes us by.

You know the playground where you grab the bar and run and run and run and then jump on?? Its like you are standing waiting for your turn to jump and you just cant. You are stuck. Frozen. Terrified.

This is what happens when we lose sight of who we are! We never jump. We just stand there watching our purpose, are perfect plan and life pass us by. And everyday that we dont jump we watch it pass over and over again.

Priscilla shares a story of a friend of hers that in so many words she describes as Super Woman. This woman was a rock star for following God’s purpose for her life. She had continually taken the gifts that God created her with and used them as He desired for her. As the story goes on the woman had been given this new direction to go into in her ministry and her feet are STAYED!! Like she is frozen. These three friends are sitting in this car traveling to a destination that I can no longer remember and this women is oozing fear from every pore that she has.

Here is what I learned.

  1. We are all susceptible to fear

  2. We must “DO IT ANYWAY” as Priscilla lovingly shouts at her friend!

The thing we must combat that is not getting caught up in being the things we do. Even for Christ. You are more than the door greeter at church, you are more than the small group leader, you are more than the owner of that business, YOU ARE MORE! God created you for MORE. He came to bring you an ABUNDANT life. He wants to POUR His blessings out on you. He wanted what is BEST. Your BEST life. But…..hear me….sometimes that is going to require a DIVINE PLOT TWIST.

Can I be honest? I have NEVER liked change. Im a creature of habit. Dont believe me? as evidence I being before the court: My husband, my oldest dog (jack, who will lovingly tell visitors it is time for them to go due to bed time by staring in their face LOL) and my Son. Aiden is the best and the worst of his parents knack for routine. There is a time
for chocolate milk, a time for jammies, a time for playing and a time for relaxing a watching tv. There is a way to cook his eggs, his grits and a way to put ketchup on his hot dog. These are all unfortunate proof that his mommy and daddy are a little routine (lets be nice lol). To take him out of that routine and there are repercussions

There is definitely something to be said for human nature and our desire for consistency. I think that a healthy dose of predictability is good, calming, and peaceful. We like to know what is coming next and when we cant see. When its foggy and unclear and we cant see the path much less which way to go it is overwhelming.

When Jesus called Peter to step out of the boat and walk to Him (Matthew 14:28-33) dont you think that that was overwhelming?? When Jesus is praying in the Garden and he , for the second time, says  My Father, if this cannot pass unless I drink it, your will be done.” (Matthew 26:42)

Overwhelmed, scared and all the other normal human emotions and Jesus shows us in this very raw moment between Him and the Father that our emotions in and of themselves is not the issue. The problem is when we are controlled by them. When Jesus goes back to the Father a second time and prays for His will to be done over Jesus’, it is clear that Jesus was being obedient to the Fathers but was open for a different ending. He felt those emotions, He went to God in prayer and expressed them and then He said “your will be done”. When we let fear take over, when we fail to move forward, when we choose our desire to control over our obedience to follow Gods plan and directions for our life…..THAT is the sin. That is a place where we must run from.

Today I ask this; are you being controlled by your emotions or are you laying that at Jesus’ feet and saying “to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us” (Ephesians 3:20) YOUR WILL BE DONE?

If not then take a moment right now to go before the Lord pray a simple prayer. Pray one that you can  recite over and over until you feel Him moving and your heart softening around your sweet words of obedience.

Lord thank you for this task that you have given me. Lord I am scared and I am weak and my feet are stayed but that is not what I want. I want your will to be done, I want the “immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” that is spoken of in Ephesians 3:20. And God I know that that only comes when I surrender my desire to control, my desire to plan my steps. Give me the courage to step out in faith, keeping my eyes fix on you. Move me in the direction you would have me move Lord, I love you and I am ready for what you have planned next for me. 

If you find yourself in this place and you like me to pray for you please click here. I would be blessed at the opportunity to pray over your and your next adventure with our Lord. 

This is the 6 Week for me in the Fervent Study by Priscilla Shirer. If you would like to catch up on my past post where I talk about Our Passion, Our Focus, Our Identity, Our Family and Our Past, you can Click HERE. Im also blogging through this with a sweet friend of mine Stephanie Miller and you can check out her posts over at Butterfly Beginnings. Or by clicking HERE!




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