Is God Calling You to Move On?

When God Calls You to Move On

God calling you to moving on from something can be as or more scary than Him calling you too something. When you are called towards something society tells you you are brave or in some instances crazy lol but ultimately forging ahead in the name of the Lord is considered a good thing. On the contrary saying that God is calling you to move on can be viewed as a clever way to cover up a failure. BEFORE YOU READ AHEAD let me say this…..when we move on truly in the name of the Lord that is BRAVERY. To be able to hold your head high and say “Giving up is failure, God has taught me what He needed to in this season and now its time for the next adventure”.  Sweet friend do not be afraid! Be provided before and He will provide again.

Sometimes God calls you to something for a season to prime you for what is to come.

This has been one of the biggest things that I have learned over the last 16 months in my journey as a health and fitness coach through Beachbody. That God sets such an intricate path out for us, a journey of faith when we cant see, belief that it will come into view and acknowledgement when we can see in hindsight how he worked it all out.

I started this journey really in search of Ashley and what I gained along the way was so much more.  I have found passion for the things of God as I sought His plan and purpose for my life, I have found so many new friends along the way and I have found new/rekindled desires of my heart in things I had long forgotten. He connected dots in my life that I never had before. He showed me that in hindsight He had left many bread crumbs in my life to prep me for the beautiful tasks set before me.

Where we see a dead end He sees the beginning.Where We SeeADeadendGod See's ANew Beginning

I truly thought that this was what God was calling me to do with my life. That this would be the professional purpose that I would carry out the things that He had set aside specifically for me. As I began to feel like He was calling me to move on I really struggled with “if not this, then what!?” Because I had sight of this I wanted to cling to it instead of what I couldn’t see!!!

This journey that God takes us on is nothing short of beautiful.

He sets out an intricate path for each of us. With a healthy mix of blind leaps of faith, us making choices with the wisdom He has given us and us seeking godly council. Through faith we trust what our eyes cannot yet see, that there is a plan. Once we can get to the place where we can allow ourselves to have faith that He can truly make something out of nothing, only then can we start to see the bits and pieces of His handy work in our lives and we begin to believe. He knows us, He created each of us in our unique way so something that we must not forget is that He knows how to get through to us in a way that we will understand SO we must pray for our Spiritual Eyes to be OPEN!

Our faith opens a door to a journey with the Lord from faith to believe to growth to realization.

There are 3 key points to journeying with God as we seek His purpose for us:

1 ) Faith – believing what you cant see, when you don’t wanna see, when yo are too confused to see or when you are too angry to open your eyes (lol) Faith is sometimes believing because quite frankly you don’t have anything to put your trust in and you are too tired carrying it around on your own.

2) Belief – belief is what grows as we begin to see the little bread crumbs that God has been laying out all along. Proof of His presence, of His love, of His plan. Belief is our faith coming into focus. Belief can anchor our faith. We can take evidence of God’s faithfulness and goodness and love for us in one area and use it as proof in other areas of our life.

3) Growth – just like dough can be molded into any shape cookie, we too must be molded to fit into the shape we are destined to be! We must grow in Christ learning to trust, learning to be mindful of the things of God, cleaning out the junk that we are hanging onto so that we have the space in our lives for our divine purpose.

Sometimes taking a Step Forward

Sometimes taking a step forward means taking a step back

We all want to succeed in everything we try right? I mean naturally we want to be the best, the top, the one that stands out. So its hard when we think a “something” is going to be our “something” and it ends up being something that God moves us from. Ok if that didn’t make sense let me put it this way, I wanted to take the world by storm but what is not what God had in mind for me. He has lessons to teach me and now I’m to take the lessons I gleaned and apply them to the next stop along the way. Its hard to not feel like a failure when God is guiding you to move on when you had all your eggs in that one basket. This is something that my husband has to remind me not to do ALL OF THE TIME!! If he has said this to me once he has said it 1000 times. This is true of our spiritual life as well.


As He calls me to move on from coaching with Beachbody can I honestly say that I have no idea what is next? I can tell you though that I have been collecting ideas He has given me and shelving them appropriately for just a time as this. I have peace that this is truly what is right.

My hearts passion if for creating a safe place, a community for women to plug into for encouragement, support and for other godly women to point them to Jesus at that exact moment that they need it. I also truly love health and fitness and cant imagine at this point in my life it not being involved in everything that I do.

To everyone who has supported me over the last year with this journey I appreciate you more than I could ever express! Thank you for trusting me to help you reach your health and fitness goals and don’t think that I’m not still available to help you in anyway!! Please know that you can get a hold of me anytime and you already know how!!!






2 thoughts on “Is God Calling You to Move On?”

  1. This is a great lesson and I agree…you are not a failure! You have grown closer to God and that is the ultimate purpose! Well done my good and faithful servant!


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