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Growing in prayer with Fervent Bible study


My big spiritual resolution revolved around organizing my prayer life. After doing Priscilla Shirer’s study The Armor of God the power of prayer and its importance in my life became a priority. Unfortunately as most resolutions go they tend loose a little steam as the year gets going. I went from Pinteresting prayer plans, creating my own War Room and  prayers to scratching notes in my devotion book and writing down prayers anxiously down on sticky notes and leaving them all over the house. Clearly I needed more help.


Then as I said before God has taken over my plans for 2017 and my goals, my future, my life in fact feels and looks different than that same life did in January. I cant explain it, when I can I will be sure to share but I can tell you that I started out this year thinking I wanted to take the world by storm and now I can honestly say that I dont want to do 1 thing outside of God’s PERFECT plan for my life. Whether Im staying in the healthcare field or teaching at a preschool, or homeschooling my kids, or continuing to do online health and fitness coaching I can truly say I dont care, as long as it is what God has for me. This was not an easy place for me to get to in all honesty I spent two months with so much anxiety and worry as I tried to understand what God could be doing in me. Where could He possibly be leading me and why? What will happen with our finances if He leads me THERE? What will our life look like if He doesnt lead me there? 

To boot the past 5 months have been more than interesting. Things breaking in out house, a man fell through our ceiling! I have lost random things, one of our poor pups got stung by something and his face was swollen up about twice its normal size. My husband lost his Grandmother. My last straw was when we took my daughter to a pediatric ophthalmologist and what started out as a great appointment ended with my daughter having to get an MRI, which will be a sedated scan, ugh. Although the doctor is only calling for the scan as a double check to confirm her thought that it is just something simple going on with my daughter, the thought that it isnt is heart crushing. I have never been more scared, more worried, more lost and confused as I was sitting in that doctors office with my perfectly healthy, head strong, stubborn, funny, sweet, snuggle Charlie girl and someone tell me that there is the slightest chance and that they wanted to make sure that “there was nothing worse going on”.

At that moment I decided that no matter what I thought my life would look like or whether I thought I would take the world by storm or whether I thought that I would be this amazing business woman, I truly dont care. It was then that I decided that instead of focusing on what I thought me and what I wanted and thought was “best” I would wholeheartedly focus on what God has for me and what is actually best!! Seems so obvious so why sometimes is it so hard to get to this point. 


So what is the key to tapping into His plan, His will and knowing His heart? Prayer!! What I need is a battle plan for thwarting the Enemy’s attempts to derail my heart from following the things of Christ. There had been a study that I have been eyeing and since it too is by Priscilla Shirer I have just been waiting to get into it!!! Fervent! 

If you are familiar with the movie War Room, this is the study that was inspired by that movie. I loved this movie and if you havent seen it, you totally should, you wont be disappointed. This study is about creating a battle plan for prayer. Its about being victorious in spiritual warfare which comes in prayer!!Its about opening our spiritual eyes not only to the schemes of the Enemy but also to the blessing, gifts and divine appointments of God.

IMG_2051Prayer is how we tap into the spiritual blessing that Paul speaks on in Ephesians chapter 1 verse 3. Its how we learn of how we become rooted in and established in love so that we may grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ (Ephesians 3:17-18). Its how we communicate with the all knowing, all powerful, creator of the universe who knit you in your mother’s womb and sent His Son to die so that not only could you spend eternity in Heaven with Him but so that you could live a life of freedom from the things of this world that hold us back and trap us. Under the blanket of prayer is where we can remind ourselves of who God is and His promises to us, we can pour His word into our mind and imprint them into our hearts so that when the Enemy comes up against us we are prepared with the The Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, which is our only offensive weapon in our Spiritual Armor. All of the other pieces of armor are to protect us but our Sword it is meant to stop the Enemy in his tracks and send him fleeing. 

So I take the necessary steps to grow in faith through prayer, putting off all other things to complete the task that was so heavily laid on my heart so early in the year and as dear friend of mine so fittingly put it “put my money where my mouth is” and start praying with purpose, with everything I have, which includes the power of Christ who lives in me! Im joining together with that friend to read and study Fervent to see what God has for us in these pages. IMG_2053

We will be blogging our experiences and discussing the book together and sharing what God is teaching us. I invite you on this journey with us, stay tuned and Im praying not only for God to speak to me through this adventure but also to you as you follow along. 

In Christ 



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